Hi There viewer,

This is the site off allartgrey the site of an art addict. I made this site because so I can watch my own art when I am not at home.

Why the name allartgrey? Hmmmm. I hear you think; maybe the very smart one’s, sertainly not me, can discover the secret. I'll wait for ten seconds.....1..2....3...4....5....6...7...8....9...10 oke?! No? I'll give you the answer: allartgrey is the anagram of art gallery And! the name allart grey has also a nice ring to; like: Bond...James Bond...Grey Allart Grey :-). You can also spell it  as: All art grey.
I have tried to find a name for my site that covers the art, covers my personality and is with a sense of humour: Lets face it art is serious enough...and lot of  times far too serious!

I am a regular guy, .....sort of Joe the Plummer,  with a addiction towards art in all its forms.
I am an composer of music, Piano teacher and a assistant teacher of Biology.

If you find something you like don't hesitate to ask me maybe I am willing to sell….if we can come to an agreement about the price. But, remember this is not a shop…..this is more like my living room and some times you can sell art  from your living room.

I hope you will like this site and I’ll hope for your reaction cq feedback.


.............................Best Maurice






Contact: Maurice Verheul

Telefoon: +31 6-180 46 447

E mail: allartgrey@hotmail.com